vShield Manager ssl certificate problem caused vSphere client and web connection to vShield manager to fail

After a ssl certificate change on vShield manager I found that the connection to the webserver and vSphere clients connection to vShield would not work. On closer inspection I found that the certificate I used was not the correct one and now any attempt to connect to the  webserver would show as an invalid certificate (Chrome). The functionality of vShield was still working as vcloud was still able to deploy edge appliance and configure as required.

I logged a call with VMware and managed to talk the engineer into logging into the appliance as the root user (secret password) and we found the location of the keystores for the webserver. /home/secureall/secureall/ .store/ .

In an attempt to fix the problem we took a snapshot of the VM and then renamed the keystore file and the .cer file.

Restarted the web-manager

Webserver responded now as a new keystore was build during the restart of the web-manager service.