VCP 5 – Study Blueprint Section 1.3 Plan and Perform Upgrades of vCenter Server and VMware ESXi

Identify upgrade requirments for ESXi Hosts

Identify Steps required to upgrade a vSphere implementation

  • in-place upgrade of vCenter Server
  • in-place upgrade of Update Manager
  • download the upgrade bundle for the upgrade path
  • import the upgradebundle into update manager
  • reconfigure licensing
  • upgrade VMs

Upgrade a vNetwork Distributesd switch

  • 3 versions available (4.0, 4.1 and 5.0)
  • To Upgrade:
    • Using vSphere Client go to home and then networking
    • Select the distributed switch and then the summary tab
    • Select to upgrade
    • ensure all hosts report as compatible
    • finish the upgrade
  • upgrading adds functionality and alters the compatiblity.

Upgrade from VMFS3 to VMFS5

  • Upgrading can be done live
  • Upgraded datastore will only be accesable by othe ESXi 5 hosts not older hosts
  • Upgrade Process:
    • using vSphere Client select home and then the datastores and datastore clusters icon.
    • select the datastore to be upgraded and then the configuration tab
    • on the right select upgrade to VMFS5
    • Click OK to start the upgrade

Upgrade VMware Tools

  • using vSphere Client select the VM and then right click and select guest/install/upgrade vmtools
  • Process will prompt for automatic or interactive upgrade process.
    • If automatic is selected the vm will automatically upgrade and restart the VM.
    • If Interactive is selected the VM will require th upgradelogs to be answered and the VM restarted by the user.

Upgrade Virtual Machine Hardware

  • using vSphere Client right click on the VM and select upgrade the Virtual Machine Hardware
  • This process should be done when VM is powered Off
  • Have seen instances where the VM will not function after the upgrade so backing up the VM may be wise

Upgrade an ESXi Host using vCenter Update Manager

  • Ensure that vCenter Server and Update Manager are already upgraded to the target release
  • Download the upgrade path bundle for the upgrade required
  • import the bundle into update manager
  • Create a new upgrade baseline and associate the upgrade bundle with the baseline
  • Attach the baseline to the ESXi host that needs to be upgraded
  • Select the ESXi Host and then the update manager tab and scan the Host for compliance (select the upgrade option)
  • ensure the Host is in maintenance mode.
  • remediate the host.

Determine whether an in-place upgrade is appropriate in a given upgrade scenario

  • Some upgrade scenarios are not supported and an upgrade is not possible they are:
    • ESX 3.x needs to be upgraded to ESX4 or ESXi4 first.
    • ESX 3 host that was upgraded to 4 and the partition layout is incompatible with ESXi 5
    • Installation location needs to be changed
    • If auto deply needs to be used