System logging is not configured on esxi host

After installing ESXi 5.0 on an internal SD card in a Dell R320, I observed two configuration issues in vSphere for the host. The first expected issue was that no datastore was configured on the host and the second issue was “System logging is not configured on host <hostname>”. This second error seemed like a simple configuration and after reading VMware KB articles 2007658 and 2003322, I thought I would post my solution to this with screen shots.

1. Using the vSphere client ensure you are in the hosts and clusters view then select the ESXi host with the issue.

2. First decide where the logs should be written to. I am using the local datastore for this example, so the below image shows the datastore name as this is needed. My Datastore is called “ESXTC2:Datastore2” .

3. Select the ESXi Host, configuration tab, (Software)Advanced settings and navigate to the item and enter following ensuring that the datastore name is updated for your environment.


4. Once the Ok button is clicked, a folder called logging will be created in the datastore and all logs will be recorded in this location.

5. If your infrastructure has a syslog server the item is used for this and you would use format udp://<syslogHostName or IP>:514

6. If you are using shared storage and want multiple ESXi hosts to share the same datastore to record logging, ensure that the item is selected as this will ensure that the the ESXi hostname is used as a folder inside the logging folder.

On completion of these steps the configuration issue will disappear.

If you see this issue another problem will probably exist in your esxi host. The scratch location may not be configured. To determine this select the ESXi Host, configuration tab, (Software)Advanced settings and navigate to the ScratchConfig item. If you have no scratch location configured as shown below you need to fix this item too.

To fix this create a new directory in a datastore in the esxi host. This time the path name to the folder needs to be added using the full path. I have created a new folder on datastore ESxTC2:Datastore2 called .Scratch so the path will be:


Add this to the empty field and a new persistant scatch location will be used after the next reboot.