vCenter Server Service stops running

I was called to fix a problem on a vSphere system where the vcenter server was not responding. The administrators of the system had tried a restart of the vCenter server and that was all they knew to do if vSphere client would not connect.

When I checked the logs on the vcenter Server I noticed the following interesting logs:

[VpxdVdb] Failed to get next sequence number: "ODBC error: (42000) - [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]The transaction log for database 'VIM_VCDB' is full

this was followed by:

[VpxUnhandledException] Win32 Exception (0xe06d7363) detected at 7FEFDBECACD

Basically the vcenter server service was crashing due to the SQL database not responding correctly if at all.

To fix this I did the following:

First I needed to determine where the SQL database lived. Not having any prior knowledge of this system I looked at the System DSN and discovered that the SQL server lived on another physical dedicated SQL server for the site.

Next I logged in to the SQL server and noticed that the C: drive where the SQL .mdf and .ldf files for the database lived was full (only 90bytes left). Discovered that the SQL server had automated backups and the backups had filled up the C drive. After fixing this the SQL server started to work again and then the vCenter server started working after a restart.