Error seen when adding new storage to ESXi Host

Encounted error Call “HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions” for object “datastoreSystem-39650” on vCenter Server today after adding a new Dell MD storage enclosure to a Dell PowerEgde R710 server running ESXi. The Error was:

To solve this problem I found VMware KB article 1008886 and did the following:

1. Find the naa number for the storage that has the error. Open the Add Storage wizard again and the naa number is shown. Record this number as it is needed later.

2. Enable remote tech support mode on the ESXi host and use putty or another SSH client to establish a SSH session with the ESXi Host.

3. Type the following commands to determine the vml number for the LUN.

cd /dev/disks

ls -l

4. The result of the ls -l command is a list of LUNs on the host.  Find and record (or copy) the VML (highlighted in yellow) that is followed by the naa identified in step 1 (highlighted in red).

5. Run the following command in the SSH client. Where <vml> is the VML number recorded in Step 4.

dd if=/dev/zero of="/vmfs/devices/disks/<vml>" bs=512 count=34 conv=notrunc

The output from the command should be:

34+0 records in
34+0 records out

6. Use the Add Storage wizard to add the datastore to the ESXi host and error should not be seen.